Jiujiang University EPON campus network solution

The construction of campus network and the development of network technology are almost synchronized. The school not only undertakes the task of teaching and educating people, but also undertakes some teaching and research tasks. Considering the development trend of the network platform in the next few years, in order to fully meet the needs of the backbone network of the school for high speed, intelligence, security, authentication and billing, we can use Passive Optical Network Technology (EPON) combined with the original Ethernet technology to effectively construct the campus network. Constructing the backbone network of campus network, realizing the connection between the office area, teaching building and dormitory building, and realizing fast Ethernet access, improve the efficiency of transmission, effectively ensure the development of remote multimedia teaching, Digital Library and other business.
We quickly promoted the application of EPON technology to the campus network to the major campus of universities in the whole country. In 2017, the project of constructing campus network in EPON of Jiujiang University in Jiangxi was a classic case.

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