XPON Communication System Helps Build Strong Distribution Ne

Intelligent distribution network has the characteristics of many terminal devices, complex access services, wide distribution and large data transmission. XPON technology, with its advantages of high speed, high reliability, multi-point failure resistance and easy maintenance, has been gradually promoted in the construction of distribution network communications. EPON has been listed as the main technology of communication construction in smart distribution network by the State Grid, which will help to realize high-quality distribution network to meet the demand of the existing network. At the same time, the network topology of PON system can fully match the ring and chain structure of power distribution network, and meet the requirements of strong, reliable, economical, efficient and friendly interaction of smart grid. The XPON smart distribution solution launched by the company adopts the industry-leading high-performance OLT, and tailor the development of ONU Smart AX MA5621 for power industry in order to create a perfect solution for XPON smart distribution.
In the construction of XPON distribution network, OLT equipment is usually installed in 110 kv/35 kV substation and connected to the main station system through MSTP ring network. Downlink and ONU are connected by unequal ratio spectrometer.
ONU devices are located in power distribution stations such as switching stations, ring cabinets, post switches and distribution rooms. They collect information of power terminals (FTU, DTU, TTU) through serial port or GE/FE adaptive interface, complete electro-optical conversion, and then go up to OLT through PON port. The selection of ONU equipment should adopt dual PON upstream, connect to OLT through two different links, form a "hand-in-hand" fully protected network. When the main link fails, it can be switched to the standby link quickly, which greatly improves the reliability of the communication system.
In this way, OLT and ONU cooperate with each other to realize bidirectional communication between the distribution master station system and the power terminal, and the bidirectional communication between the power terminal.

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